Foundation Kit

Foundation kit is a collection of 15 bricks and a set of accessories that help the young innovators get started in a matter of minutes. The Foundation Kit combined with art and craft is limited to only the innovator's imagination.

The reason behind adding craft with electronics is to bring out the creative and innovative ideas inside the young innovators. Learning with EtchBricks is a never-ending process thanks to the ever-expanding library of bricks.

We would love to see and share your innovations built using EtchBricks. Please send us your Invention videos and photos to

What comes in the box:

Power brick is the energy source of Etch Bricks. The power brick can be connected to 9V battery. Any output device directly connected to the power brick will be ON.
Light brick is simply a bright LED (Light Emitting Diode) .The Light brick goes ON when input is ON and it will go OFF when the input is OFF.
Any output device connected to the OP of the Button brick will turn ON when the button is pressed and turn OFF when the button is released.
Obstacle brick detects the presence of any object within its range. Whenever a object is detected the OUTPUT turns ON and if no device is detected the OUTPUT turns OFF.
Shadow brick is capable of detecting the light intensity. The OP of this brick turns ON whenever it detects a shadow and OFF whenever it detects Light. You can adjust the sensitivity of the brick by rotating the knob given in the brick with a screw driver.
Pulse brick turns the Output device connected to it ON and then OFF when its input is ON. The speed at which the device turns ON and OFF can be adjusted by turning the knob on the brick.
Splitter brick is used to share the power or signal connections with different bricks.
NOT brick is used to invert its input .If the input is ON, then the output of NOT brick will be OFF and if the input of NOT brick is OFF then the output is ON.
A Latch Brick has two inputs ON and OFF. Once the ON input turns ON the OP will be ON till the OFF input turns ON.
Buzzer is an audio signalling device which is often used in alarms. It beeps when it gets an input as ON and goes silent when the input is OFF.
Motor is connected to the Motor brick. The connected motor rotates as long as the input of this brick is ON. The direction in which the motor rotates depends on whether the motor is connected to CW (Clock Wise) or CCW (Counter Clock Wise) connector.
Connecting wires are used to connect two bricks. Make sure you insert the ends of the wires into connectors of same colour. These wires come in two lengths, 10cm and 30 cm. You can use a length which suits your application.
This is a wire that connects the battery to the Power Brick. When connecting to the battery make sure that the bigger terminal goes into the smaller terminal of the battery and vice versa. You will need to press it really hard till you hear a snap.
The battery used in the kit is a general purpose 9V battery. You can use batteries with better current for longer life but make sure that the battery is of 9 Volts.
The motor that comes with the kit is a 75RPM gear head DC motor. It has dual shafts (shafts on both sides) which makes it easier to bring your models to life.
This is a laser cut Acrylic plate with EtchBricks engraved on it. You can use it to build projects based on robotics.
If you noticed your robot comes with only two wheels. Just two wheels don't make a stable platform so we have this supporting wheel called uni wheel. It gets the name because it is a wheel which can turn in any direction.
These are the wheels that can be fixed to your motors. These can be used wherever you are dealing with motion according to your applications.
These strips are named as 9 hole strip and Rt-Angle strip. They are used in different places to connect sensors and build mechanisms.