Intruder Alert System

This project will raise an alarm if someone tries to trespass into your area.

Required bricks :

1. Power brick with battery and battery connector

2. Obstacle brick

3. Latch brick

4. Button brick

5. Pulse brick

6. Buzzer brick and few connecting wires

Required materials :

1. Thermocol

2. Chart paper

3. Sketch pen

4. Glue

5 .Double sided tape




Step 1 : Draw a house on a chart paper and stick it on a thermocol sheet.

Step 2: Build the following circuit using Etch Bricks,

intruder alert

Step 3: Place the Obstacle brick such a way the it detects the people entering the house .


If some one enters the house , the Obstacle brick detects it and ON s the Latch brick .The alarm turns ON.

To turn off the alarm, press the Button brick which is connected to the OFF of the Latch brick.