Puppy Bot

Make a wheeled robot which follows anything in front of it.

 Required bricks:

1. Power brick with battery and battery connector

2. Obstacle brick

3. Splitter

4. Motor bricks – 2

5. Motors – 2

6. Few connectors

Required materials :

1. Two wheels

2. Caster ball wheel

3. Spacer

4. Robo chassis

5. Nylon tags

6. Double sided tape

7. Scissor

8. 9 hole strip




Step 1: Check out the following link and make a toy car.



Step 2: Stick a nine hole strip on the chassis and then Stick the Obstacle brick at the end of the 9 hole strip shown below,


Step 3: Make the following connections,

puppy bot

Step 4: Arrange the entire circuit on the chassis.

Switch on the power brick and place your hand in front of the Obstacle brick . You will see that the bot following it like a puppy.