Art Bot – A DIY Robot

 Today Lets make a robot which can make its own art. In this project the robot will be equipped with 4 sketch pens which act like its legs and wobble across a white paper making its own art.

Required Bricks,

1.Power brick with battery and batter connector

2.Button brick

3.Motor brick with a vibrating Motor

Required materials,

1.Paper cup

2.Color pen

3.Double sided tape


5.Googlie Eyes


Step 1: Take a paper cup ,


Step 2: Stick 4 color pens around the cup using tape. Make sure that the pens are equally arranged and when the cup is kept upside down, the pens are touching the ground.

Stick googlie eyes on the cup to give a giggling eye effect to the robot.


Step 3: Stick the vibrating motor on the cup using double sided tape. Make sure the you don’t stick the shaft(the rotating part) of the motor. If you stick it ,the motor wont be able to rotate.

Step 4: Connect the bricks,


Step 5: Put the Art Bot on a sheet of paper and Enjoy the patterns.

The vibrating motor attached to the cup makes it move and the sketch pens will make random designs.

You are always welcome to create your own designs for the robot and also send us the amazing videos of your creations.

Check out the following link for the foundation kit