Autonomous Toy car

Make a toy car which can travel without hitting any objects around it.

Required bricks:

1. Power brick with battery and battery connector

2. Motor bricks-2

3. Motors-2

4. Spitter

5. Obstacle brick-2

6. NOT brick

Required materials:

1. Robo chassis

2. Two wheels

3. Caster ball wheel

4. Spacer

5. Nylon tags

6. Double sided tape

7. 9 hole strips -2




Step 1: Construct a toy car from the post


Step 2: Take two 9- hole strips and stick on the chassis as in the following image


Step 3: Stick Obstacle bricks at the end of both the strips

ovr 3

Step 4: Make the following connections


Step 5: Make Obstacles of white surface and place the robot in the middle of them. You can observe that the robot is avoiding obstacles around it.