Coin bank

Lets make a Coin bank using Etchbricks.In this project , If you place a coin on the box, It will automatically take it inside the box.

Required bricks:

1.Power brick

2.Shadow brick

3.Motor brick with motor

Required materials :


2.Crape paper





7.Double sided tape




Step 1: Take a cardboard box,

coin box

Step 2:Cut two rectangular holes and one circular hole  on the box as shown below,

coin box top

Step 3:Stick a motor on the cardboard and make sure that the motor shaft goes in to the middle hole in the cardboard,

box with motorcoin box with motor

Step  4:Cut a circular shape using cardboard as shown below,

coin disc

Step 5:Fix the circular disc on the shaft of the motor,

disc with box

Step 6:Take a wheel and stick it to the circular disc. Make sure that the wheel is fixed to the shaft of the motor.Use a screw for fixing it to the shaft in case the wheel is not getting fixed.

disc with wheel

Step 7:Stick a Shadow brick as shown below,

disc with sensor

Now seal the hole using transparent tape so that the coin wont get stuck  .

coin cupcup with box

Place a tiny bowl under another hole to which the coins will be collected.

Step 8:Now switch on the power brick and place it under light. When you put a coin on the shadow brick , it detects the coin and the motor starts rotating. The circular disc will take the coin with it and drop it in the bowl .

disc with sensor