Home Automation

This project is for  automating the house hold appliances  . When a person enters the house , the obstacle brick detects the person and turns ON the latch brick to turn ON  fan and light. If the person leaves the house an another obstacle brick senses it and turns OFF  the latch brick  which turns off the light and fan .

Required bricks:

1.Power brick with battery

2.Obstacle bricks – 2

3. Latch brick

4.Light brick

5.Motor brick with motor

Required craft materials:


2.Chart paper


4.Sketch Pen


6.Card board

7.Double sided tape




Step 1: Draw a house on a chart paper and stick it on a thermocol sheet.

Step 2: Connect EtchBricks as shown below,home

Step 3: Make a fan using cardboard and connect to the motor . Put the light brick and fan as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Place the Obstacle bricks as shown in figure,

Step 5: Connect the battery to the power brick and switch it ON. Now , make a toy person enter the house and see the home automation working.