Line Follower Robot

Required bricks:

1. Power brick with battery and battery connector

2. Motor bricks-2

3. Motors-2

4. Spitter

5. Obstacle brick

Required materials:

1. Robo chassis

2. Two wheels

3. Caster ball wheel

4. Spacer

5. Nylon tags

6. Double sided tape

7. L- angle strip




Step 1: Check out the following link and construct a toy car


Step 2: Stick an L-angle strip to the toy car as shown below,


Step 3: Make the following connections and arrange the bricks on the chassisline follower

Step 4: Stick the Obstacle brick on the L-angle strip,


Step 5: Draw a black line on a white surface and place the robot on the line in such a way that the obstacle brick is on the black line

Switch on the power brick and observe the robot following the black line. If the robot misses the line at curves, the Obstacle brick detects the white background and the robot starts turning till it finds the black line.