Toy car

Toy car

Make your own toy car.
Required bricks:
1. Power brick with battery and battery connector
2. Motor bricks-2
3. Motors-2
4. Spitter
Required materials
1. Robot chassis
2. Two wheels
3. Caster ball wheel
4. Spacer
5. Nylon tags
6. Double sided tape
7. Scissor


Step 1 : Stick the motors to the chassis using double sided tape or else tie them using nylon tags,
Step 2: Connect wheels to the motor shaft . Stick the spacer on the chassis as shown below,
Step 3: Stick the caster ball wheel to the spacer,









Step 4: Build the following circuit using Etch Bricks,
Step 5: Stick the circuit on the chassis and switch on the power brick.
You can change the direction of the car by interchanging the CW and CCW pins of the motor bricks.

Article by Sandhya Rani

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